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Writer, blogger, traveller, trouble maker, and kickass crybaby – get inspired by Linn Wiberg

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Please tell me a little about yourself

I am Linn, a kickass crybaby raised in Stockholm and Nairobi. Shit I like: eyeshadow, growing avocado trees, girl gangs & stepping out the airport in a new country. I now run around the streets of East London but mostly the Internet, when I’m not writing on my blog or that novel I want to get published one day, that is.

I know you travel quite a lot, what is your relation to travelling?

It tends to be what I spend most money on (apart from this ridiculous London rent) and has been since I was old enough to travel on my own. Something that I without a doubt inherited from my parents. We were that family you know, who’d have a broken bathroom for years but still went on month long holidays across the world, so from an early age I was hooked. At the age of 12 my parents applied for a job in Kenya and we all packed up and moved there. I’ve lived in four countries since and the UK will not be my last.

Tell me about your best travel memory

Holy hell, you are putting me in pain here! Ok, let’s see. I cannot pick one memory, it just isn’t fair. I will pick a trip though and it was when my parents moved to Kerala in India and I went to spend their first month with them there. We travelled along the west coast through jungles, river deltas, tiny villages, dilapidated cities and all places were filled with magic. The food, the fruit, the people were out of this world and everything so colourful. My mum is a yoga teacher so we did yoga in places I thought people had seriously made up. It was the most peaceful, adventurous and cleansing experience I’ve ever had. And I didn’t get sick once!


Where is your dream destination and why?

Japan, because they seem to have the dreamiest forests, the craziest city, magical coral reefs, towns with more history than any others and insanely good food.

Tell me about yourself as a traveller, are you a planner or do you prefer to take it day by day

I LOVE planning. Most of the people I travel with are shocked about my preparations before hand. I scavenge the internet for hidden city gems and usually have at least two A4s with museums to hit up, shops to check out, bars to get drunk in etc. In my phone I have a list for each city/country I want to travel to and as soon somebody casually drops a sentence about something cool somewhere I add it. I love putting up a schedule on what to do on which days and what time during the day to do it. Like a proper itinerary. I’m a freak, but many like travelling with me because I suggest so much and take care of all of it.

When I’m there though it’s all about how I’m feeling that day and honestly don’t mind ditching the whole thing. I tend to interrogate everyone from bartenders to cool peeps on the streets for their recommendations and that tend to get me off my initial track but onto an even better one. In terms of somewhere to stay, I always book it if I’m going for a weekend, but never if I go for a few weeks.


You’ve lived in a couple of different places, what’s your best tips when moving to a new place?

Have something as a base to start off! Whether it is a place to live, a job or a person you’re going with. It’s nice to have something to fall back on when the rest goes to shit. I always recommend thinking about why you want to move so you know how to divide time & money. Then I also recommend reaching out to one or two cuties in that place to meet up with at first to ask about things and for them to show you around. Instagram baby!

Tell me about your worst travel memory

Worst… Hm. Seriously cannot really think of a really bad one! The whole thing with travelling is experiencing new things, and a part of that is experiencing everything going to shit. Most of the time it’s just tiny things that really isn’t a big deal and I’m pretty great at being able to laugh at situations like that. I’ve also been lucky enough to not being exposed to any traumatising or violent events, which obviously is a whole other story. So I’d guess I’d have to say when I was seasick in Thailand for three hours & threw up on a Chinese model wearing only designer clothes. Or when my family were having a picknick on the beach in South Africa and a baboon larger than my mum attacked us. Or when me and my friend went to the ultimate tourist trap in Greece called Paradise beach where there were NOTHING to do and NOWHERE to go and not a single bit of shade. A three hour tourist BBQ. But yeah, made it out unharmed all of those times. ^^


You just recently graduated uni, congratulations! What’s your best tips for travelling as a student?

Thanks! Best tip: go off season! All the coolest experiences happen with less tourists around. So what if it rains? You won’t notice because you’ll have so much to do that you otherwise couldn’t afford.

Otherwise – plan ahead. All tickets & hotels are a lot cheaper six months before rather than six weeks. Most airlines also offer deals especially for students without advertising them (SAS has 50% off and Norwegian also does a discount).

This sounds boring but if you have little money creating a proper budget before travelling is a winner. Is it museums vs bars? How many times do you want to eat out or would you rather go shopping? And don’t be afraid to get in touch and ask for a discount! You’d be surprised.

To finish off, the Internet is your bff. Google the shit out of your destination with everything from deals to city guides to events. Which brands/bloggers/artists/friends etc do you like in that region? Reach out and ask them! If they don’t know, they will refer you to somebody who does and that’s how you’ll end up finding the incredible gems. They usually also cost a fraction of the things you usually pay for as a tourist.

Currently you live in London, if you could live anywhere else, where would it be?

This is a recurring issue of mine, where I tire quickly and dream about being elsewhere. Mostly it is about somewhere warmer, calmer, sunnier, filled with adventure. Lately though all I long for is to be close to my family, or my boyfriend’s family, and the sea! When I play the game of what I’d do with tons of £££££ my answer is always the same: a little flat in London, a cabin by the sea in Stockholm, a flat in Toronto and a big fat travel budget so I can just go to different places to write.


Tell me about a crazy travel memory!

To jump onto my favourite travel memory – India. In one village we stayed in a bed & breakfast that looked like a circus had a lovechild with a can of glitter and exploded into this place in the jungle. There wasn’t much to do and the older couple owning the place wouldn’t stop nagging about trying their Ayurveda massage. It’s a healing massage working with different chakras in your soul to cleanse bad spirits etc. We were taking into these tiny, candlelit sheds smelling with incense and a murmur of Indian meditation music on in the background. My first thought was just WOW and I have to say that it lived up to it, just in a more unexpected way that on top of the relaxation and soul searching.

In the very atmospheric space with a lady four times my age and half of my height have my boobs just as much physical attention as my calves (apparently women have much of our souls trapped in there). I was put in what can only be described as a paper thong, my muscles bent into positions I didn’t know existed and was also bathed in liters of hot oil before being scrubbed entirely by two Indian women. It was the most naked I have ever been ever and so so so weird, but also amazing. Would definitely do it again

What are some things/places still on your bucket list?

Ok, you will regret asking because it is endless but here we go:

  • The pink Lake Retba in Senegal
  • The whole of Japan, but especially Kyoto, Tokyo, and the art island Teshima
  • The mountain villages in Chile
  • New Orleans
  • Redwood & Yosemite
  • The black beaches of Iceland
Find more crazy adventures, beautiful photography, London guides, and inspiration overload, at Linn’s blog. Also follow her on Instagram and Pinterest.

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  • Reply Sindhu Murthy November 5, 2016 at 4:17 pm

    It is always interesting to get to know about fellow travelers- their interests, experiences, craziness and plans. Loved every bit of this interview.

  • Reply Sarah Stierch November 5, 2016 at 8:11 pm

    She needs to get to the US and Japan! She’ll love both. Have to disagree about the off season – while it is cheaper, and I don’t care if it rains in the Netherlands, for example – once you see the cherry blossoms in Japan or DC, or the vineyards during harvest in Wine Country, or the flowers in bloom in France…. on season is pretty damn nice!

  • Reply Nancy November 6, 2016 at 1:18 am

    I had fun reading your post and about your travels. You have had a lot of experience since the age of 12 with your move to Kenya but reading about your visit with your parents in Kerala sounds like an awesome experience! Waiting to see how it goes when you eventually make it to Japan.

  • Reply Jing November 6, 2016 at 4:35 am

    Featuring other travelers – what a great way of getting inspirations from others. Linn wants magical coral reefs? May I suggest the Philippines? We have more than 7,000 islands and healthy coral reefs! 🙂

  • Reply Angela November 6, 2016 at 10:34 pm

    I enjoy getting to know like-minded travelers. I might need to steal a few things from your bucket list! Thanks for sharing!

  • Reply Jimmy and Tina November 7, 2016 at 10:38 am

    I like her answer to the question what she would do with £££££ ! great, I don’t need much and if I had tons of dough, I would use it to travel and keep a modest home. You just simply can’t buy experiences!

  • Reply elisa November 7, 2016 at 9:36 pm

    I like reading about other travelers’ experiences. Same destinations but looked through different eyes! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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    And speaking of Philippines, you try Bohol or Cebu.
    It’s so nice there. If you need help.
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