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Where to travel in Europe during fall

Big City Life

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is the 15th biggest city in the EU, it’s charming, beautiful, cultural, and historical. There are plenty of things to do here, from Walk along Charles Bridge, to eating street food in the Old Town Square, to seeing the unique baroque architecture or St Vitus Cathedral.

Berlin, Germany

While Berlin can be quite gray and cold come November, December, during the earlier part of fall it can be very enjoyable. Stroll around the streets as the autumn leaves begin to fall, drink mulled wine at cozy bars, and dance the night away at some underground club.

Budapest, Hungary

The Hungarian capital has plenty to offer during fall season, from cozy cafés and interesting museums, to wonderful festivals and pretty pleasant temperatures. If you’re interested in checking out some of the events in Budapest, you have the Café Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival (7-23 October 2016), the Budapest International Wine Festival (8-11 September 2016), Budapest Pálinka and Sausage Festival, held in the charming Castle Hill between 2nd -4th October 2016, and the New Wine and Cheese Festival (28-29 November).

Paris, France

It’s never not a good time to visit Paris. It’s beautiful and captivating all year round, strolling around the streets amongst colorful autumn leaves, drinking coffee, eating baguettes, and enjoying the French capital is never a bad idea. For some more Paris inspiration, check out the Paris Bucket List or free activities to do in Paris!

Exploring the Countryside

Bergen, Norway

Norway has some of the most beautiful landscape in all of Europe. Bergen is a super cute and the second largest city in Norway, it lies clambering up the mountain side, and is filled with colorful houses just overlooking the sea. The perfect place for a little weekend getaway.

Isle of Sky, Scotland

Isle of Sky, is one of the prettiest places around Scotland, the landscape is stunning, and it’s the perfect place for a fall getaway.

The Northen Lights, Sweden

Seeing the Northern Light is on a lot of people’s bucket list, as it should be! It’s absolutely stunning, and up north in Sweden, in Abisko, you’ll get a fantastic view of it. It’s a cozy place to stay for a few days, you can take classes to improve your photography skills of the Northern Light, and the best time to go would be between Oktober and March.


Abisko, Sweden

Fall Festival Season

Oktoberfest, Munich

Close to everyone’s heard of Oktoberfest, right? It’s pretty much the biggest beer party in the world, and travelling in Europe during fall requires a stop in Munich during these days. In 2016 Oktoberfest will take place between 09/17/16 – 10/03/16, starting with a parade through Munich on the 17th. Find the full calendar here.

Regata Storica, Venice

Regata Storica takes place in the beginning of September and is a 150-year-old tradition. See a vast fleet of gondolas and other historic craft headed by the ornate Doge’s barge, all loaded with Venetians in brilliant medieval costumes parade and race around the canal for this spectacular event.

Festes de la Mercé, Barcelona

Festes de la Mercé is the biggest annual festival in Barcelona. It takes place in the middle of September and is a festival to celebrate the city’s patron saint, the Virgin de la Mercé. During the festival there are tons and tons of activities, including a parade of the giants, Castellers, and fireworks.

Perugia’s Eurochocolate Festival

Anyone else admitting to a slight chocolate addiction??? The beautiful Umbrian capital is home to one of Europe’s largest chocolate festivals (I know, a chocolate festival!), taking place between 14-23 October 2016. Besides just indulging in the finest chocolate varieties, there will also be plenty of chocolate art on display, numerous entertaining activities, and workshops.


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