Visiting Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, and Bath

England has so much to offer and being based in London it’s easy to get around and explore the country. A couple of weeks ago I headed out to explore Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, and Bath, with my sister and my cousin, and even though it was an intense day, it sure was a great one.

If you have limited time in England and want to see as much as possible, I recommend simply taking a tour. There are plenty to choose from so you can easily find one that suits you. I joined GoldenTours, leaving at 8.30am from Victoria, for a full day of tourism.


We got to Victoria quite early, found the departure place and a little after 8.30 the bus was on the move. The first stop was Windsor Castle. It’s the largest inhabited castle in the world and the architecture is really stunning. The original castle was built in the 11th century by William the Conquerer, and has since the time of Henry I been used by all monarchs, and today it’s the longest-occupied palace in Europe.

Walking around the castle and seeing all the beautiful rooms, all the history, and the different areas of the castle, it really is very impressive. It’s definitely worth a visit if you have the chance! Also, make sure not to miss the changing of the guards!


The second stop of the day was Stonehenge, the prehistoric monument located just north of Salisbury. It was added toUNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites in 1986, and even though it really are just stones in a circle, it’s pretty cool to have visited.


After spending a little over an hour exploring Stonehenge, it was time for the last stop of the day, Bath. Bath is a cute little town outside London, perfect for a weekend getaway or a day trip, and is known for its 18th-centruty Georgian architecture and its hot springs. Make sure to visit the Roman Baths located in the city center, because you really can’t visit Bath and not visit the Roman Baths? You’ll find the Great Bath, statues, a temple, a lot of history, and a gift shop of course.

In Bath, you also have the beautiful Bath Abbey, and if you want some relaxation you can head out to the quite impressive Thermae Bath Spa. For more on this cute town, check out my quick guide to Bath.

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