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Things you should never do when flying

I hate flying, I really really hate it. Maybe it’s ‘cuz have the concentration skills of a five-year-old as I’m bored in the first hour. I just want to get there and hate the actually getting there part. Anyway, as flying is a pretty vital part of most travels, I’m learning to cope and try to find things that will keep me entertained. I can’t read books as I get nauseous, but I can watch movies and TV-shows which keeps you occupied for a long time! Podcast are always a lifesaver, it’s something I got into just a couple of years ago and now I never travel anywhere without a lot (and I mean a lot!) of episodes downloaded and available offline. Hot tip, Serial! Have you heard it?? I listen through the whole season during my travel in Central America and it’s amazing. If you haven’t heard it, download now and listen!

And now I’m going to stop rambling about podcast and get on with it. There are certain things you should avoid (and by avoid I mean not do. Ever.) when you’re on a flight, let’s call it plane etiquette, that needs to be followed. Here goes.

  • Take both armrest
  • Push your way through people once the plane has landed but not started offloading.
  • Recline your seat at meal times, I hope you get the whole meal plus drinks spilled over you for that.
  • Take up more than your allowance in the overhead luggage – It’s just rude and annoying.
  • Take your seat and put your luggage away super slowly. It really isn’t that difficult, you walk on the plane, put your luggage up and sit down. It’s not the time to stand around and have a chat with your friends.
  • Same as above goes for when exiting the plane. This needs to be done quickly and efficiently.
  • Let your kids run wild and free throughout the aircraft like a wild heard.
  • Kick the seat in front of you. I mean really? Why this keeps happening I have no idea, and parents, tell your kids to keep their feet down.
  • Get drunk. Some alcohol might initially help you fall asleep if that’s what you’re after, but keep it cool.
  • Persisting with a conversation when you know your neighbour doesn’t want to continue chatting – read the signs people, read the signs.
  • Scarf down smelly food.
  • Not having your phone on mute. This I admit bothers me pretty much anywhere and everywhere, but hearing someone play a game on their phone on a plane is pretty close to the most annoying thing ever.
  • Having a loud and obnoxious conversation – Especially when flying during night time and the lights are off. Just stop talking.
  • Hogging the toilet. Get in and get out, it’s not the time to read a magazine or fix your make-up. Save it for the hotel or the airport bathrooms.

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