The perfect gift for travellers

Finding the perfect gift is always a struggle, so from me to you, a few tips of what to give someone with a love for travel!

A nice luggage tag

Grabbing the wrong luggage of the carousel isn’t the most uncommon thing. Having one of these fancy luggage tags on your suitcase makes things a lot easier, and it looks nice too! There are plenty of options, from really fancy ones to more modest options!

Budget book

Maybe not the most fun of gifts, but it is a life saver! Managing money when travelling is not the easiest thing, and having a nice budget book to keep track of your spendings helps a lot! Kikki K does really nice ones, and having a pretty book makes it a lot more fun to use if, right?

Camera gear

Never a bag gift. Maybe it’s time for a new lens or even a new camera? If not a polaroid camera is always a fun option, or maybe a tripod?

1000 places to see before you die

Back to basics, the old trust worthy books. A great gift for any traveller, it’s perfect to look through in search for new inspiration, have around as a coffee table book or just as a reminder that there are always new places to discover.

1000 places to see before you die, traveler’s journal

Obviously quite similar to the above, but a diary edition (and a much cheaper edition). I use mine when on the road, a perfect little book to bring along and write down your travel adventures. It also contains inspirational quotes, info about different destinations and a bucket list of places to see for you to cross off!

Portable phone charger

How would I survive without one?? When your travelling there aren’t always places to charge your phone, spending 12 hours on a bus or train, being on a long flight or spending a day out exploring can make it difficult to charge your phone, a portable charger solves all your problems!


I love love love these maps! A bit on the more expensive side, but soooo pretty! Can’t wait to order a few to decorate my walls with, just need to figure out which cities I want. You can get any city you want, design it as you want, order it and enjoy it’s prettiness on your wall!

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