The Hidden Beauty of Haworth

Post written by Zee Younus

Haworth is a small village in the north of England, in the thriving county of West Yorkshire. The area itself is known for being the home to cities such as Leeds and Manchester, often referred to as the Londons of the North (the answer depends on who you ask!). However, the innate Yorkshire charm does not come from its metropolitan cities, but rather its vastness of character. This takes the physical form of the large stretches of countryside, the Pennine mountains and the harsh and unforgiving moors.

The moors of England have always been a source of inspiration for artists; authors, poets, painters and musicians alike. Throughout British history, they have been influenced by their environment. The village of Haworth is most notable for being the birthplace of the Brontë family, and the pinnacle influence over Emily, Anne and Charlotte’s novels; Wuthering Heights, Agnes Grey and Jane Eyre, respectively.


Now there lies the Brontë Parsonage Museum, where you can witness first hand the artefacts that drove the lives of the Brontë family. With the recent bicentennial of Charlotte Brontë earlier this year, and the series bicentennials of her siblings and father coming up in the near future, it’s the perfect place to go to step back in time and take the plunge into inspiration.

However, that is not all that this quaint town has to offer. The Parsonage lies across from a bell tower that remains of the church and a large graveyard in which the family is buried. Beyond this, you can see the stretches of land embodied in Heathcliff’s character in Wuthering Heights. But below this historic landmark is a cobbled hill where the independent businesses of Haworth live. If you’re really lucky, you might see a few local musicians to really take you into the pages of the Brontë’s books.

(Local buskers, Spence and Chris)

(Local buskers, Spence and Chris)

Here, you can really feel like you’ve travelled in time. Museums can show you what history looks like, but being in Haworth is being history. You can find classic and timeless establishments such as Mrs Beighton’s Sweet Shop where you can pick up a bag of sherbet lemons for just a pound! However, the nostalgia of sucking on those little boiled sweets is priceless.


This hill that has stood the test of time serves as a tourist haven, where local business thrives. When the weather is nice you can feel free to meander the cobbled and quaint streets, picking up a few vintage books, clothes or records. If you’d like to experience what an old-timey pharmacy looks like, Rose and Co Apothecary will give you just that. Imagine Lush but in the 1920s… Although you can see displays of the various products that you would likely not see in your local Superdrug anymore, the Apothecary now serves as a homemade soap shop. Their signature products come in the shape of baked goods, like tiny bath cupcakes that look good enough to eat – though you definitely shouldn’t!


Of all the picturesque little towns in West Yorkshire, Haworth is one of those places you just have to visit in your lifetime. Walk where the Brontës walked, add to the line of travellers who have wandered through time, visit Haworth.

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