Dominican Republic

Spending a day in Santo Domingo

So, what can you do during one day in Santo Domingo? I had no idea, I only have one day here before heading out to Punta Cana, but didn’t know how to spend it. Luckily for me, google and I get along very well. After some quick research I had a couple of places I wanted to see, and perfectly enough they were all located within walking distance from my hotel.

I’m staying in Zona Colonial, the old town, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a lot of boutiques, restaurants, cobblestone streets and Spanish Colonial architecture. It’s the only area of Santo Domingo I had time to see, but if I could only see one, this was a good pick.

Catedral Primada de América


This was my first stop, First Cathedral of America. It’s located in Zona Colonial, was built between 1521 and 1540 and is the oldest existing cathedral in the Americas. The church in itself isn’t too big and can’t compare to the beautiful once in Spain or Italy, but still worth a visit.

Ozama Fort


My second stop was this sixteenth-century castle built by the Spanish. It overlooks the Ozama river and is the oldest military construction of European origin in America.

Alcazar De Colón


Last stop of the day. This place once held around 50 rooms and several gardens and courtyards, today it’s about half it’s original size and it was built by the son of Cristopher Columbus.

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