My bucket list

Something I’m very happy about is that I’ve always had the courage to try. Had the courage to  try new things and take risks. Thanks to that I’ve gotten new experiences and done things I might have never dared to. Of course, not everything works out and sometimes things fail. But all experiences are good experiences in one way or another and you learn and grow with every new thing you try.

I love that I’ve had the opportunities to do as much as I have, and have no plans to stop trying new things anytime soon! There are so many things I still wanna do and because list, documents, folders and all things organization is a true love of mine, I (of course) have a bucket list (or the start of one).

– Roadtrip around USA
– Visit Rome, Paris, London, Berlin
– Live in London
– Live in New York
– Live in Barcelona
– Travel around Central and South America
– Visit Japan
– Travel in Asia
– Travel in Africa
– Visit India
– See the Great Wall of China
– Visit Angkor Wat
– See Halong Bay


– Attend a wedding in a different country
– Skydive
– Write a book
– Learn Spanish
– Get a tattoo
– Learn to surf
– Have a child
– See the northern lights
– Crowd surf
– See a musical on Broadway
– Zip-line
– Attend the Holi Festival in India
– Go to Coachella


– Swim with sharks
– Swim with dolphins
– Scuba dive
– Ride in an air balloon
– Work with a charity
– Hug a monkey
– Pet a lion

– Buy an apartment
– Pet an elephant
– Ride in a helicopter
– Take part in La Tomatina
– Attend the Rio Carnival

There are so many things I wanna experience and I don’t think I’ll ever feel done, at least I hope I don’t! I’m constantly adding things to this list and the more I discover the more things I want to experience.

What’s on your bucket list?

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