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20 ways to save money to travel

Saving money doesn’t mean living a miserable life, it’s about cutting down on unnecessary expenses and getting a better grip on what you actually spend money on. My best tip for doing this is to get yourself a budget book and start writing down what you spend money on, for example €4 coffee, €12 food, etc. Not the most fun or glamorous thing to do, but it’s the most efficient way I know to get a handle of your spendings!

There are plenty of ways to save money, and it takes some time to get used to saving if you’ve previously been splurging and not had a need to save, so give it time and find out what works for you. But cutting out Starbucks, meal prepping instead of eating out, and learning to love the 40 pairs of shoes you already own are good first steps.

Here are some more good tips to save money:

  • Visualize why your saving! Change the background on your phone to your favourite travel photo, put up pictures on your fridge or change your screen saver. Keep reminding yourself why you’re saving and it will be easier not to buy that extra coffee or that cute tank top.
  • Cook instead of eating out. Invite your friends over for dinner, cook together instead of going out to dinner. Meal prep and bring food to work or school instead of always buying out.
  • Find free activities. Find stuff to do that don’t cost money, go to museums, take long walks or learn a new skill.
  • Find a project to work on – like training for a run – spend time on that instead of paying for activities.
  • Throw parties instead of going out. Bring your friends home and tell everyone to bring a bottle of wine, it’s much cheaper than a night out – and a lot more fun!
  • Have a stay-at-home spa day. Have some friends over and tell everyone to bring all that skin stuff you never really use anyway, do facial, make a bubble bath, paint your nails.
  • Have a jar for spare change, coins usually don’t get used or lost somewhere, but keeping it in one place might actually add up to something!
  • Stop buying the $5 coffees and the snack you’re craving at the moment.
  • Start walking more, or cycling instead of driving, or using public transportation.
  • Get to know what’s already in your closet and stop buying new clothes.
  • If you feel like you desperately need new clothes, have a swap day with your friends! Have a bunch of people over, everyone brings stuff they no longer wear or like, and you can all just swap with each other!
  • If you happen to hate your friends clothes, check out second hand and go vintage shopping, and hang out at markets.
  • Sell stuff you no longer need or want.
  • Stop upgrading technology, you don’t absolutely need the newest Iphone anyway.
  • See if you can cut down on your phone bill, what are you actually paying for? Can you cut down on internet and use more wi-fi?
  • Give up the gym membership, start running or taking long walks, exercise at home or with your friends. YouTube is amazing for inspiration for home exercising!
  • Don’t buy stuff you don’t need, that magazine or that book you saw, see what you already have or borrow from friends.
  • Write down everything you spend. I’ve said this a lot before, but it really is my best tip of all! It really makes you see exactly what you spend money on and what you can cut down on.
  • When you spend money, buy everything at once. Try not spending money every day, but have a couple of days a week when you go grocery shopping etc and then you spend money, it cut’s down on the small daily spendings.
  • Leave the money at home, if you don’t have any money with you, you simply can spend it.

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