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How to explore Stockholm on a budget

11 ways to visit Stockholm on a budget.

Take a free walking tour – Like most of the bigger cities in Europe, you can take a free walking tour. Check out the Free Tour Stockholm. The tour will take you around the old city (Gamla Stan) and give you some history and context. You can also find tours that take you around more modern areas and each tour lasts a couple of hours.

Leave central Stockholm – As soon as you leave central Stockholm, it won’t be as expensive. There are plenty of things to see in different areas and it will only take you 10-20 minutes on the subway. A good place to visit would be Solna, you can find Mall of Scandinavia, Friends Arena, beautiful parks and it’s only 7 minutes from central with the subway.

Cut your food budget – Food in Stockholm can be quite expensive, especially eating out at restaurants! Try cooking or do some research about restaurants. Around the area of Östermalm it’s really expensive, it’s a beautiful part of Stockholm and holds most of the night clubs, but it’s also the most expensive area. If you do feel like eating out, Södermalm has a lot of good offers to better prices or try out some lunch buffets.


Get transportation passes – You can buy different types of transportation cards, see what fits you the best or ask at Pressbyrån and they will help you out. Friday – Sunday the subway run all night and it will save you money to avoid taxi.

See the city from above – If you want to get a good view of the city, it’s much better to do it for free. Go to Södermalm (take the subway to Slussen) and go up Katarina Hissen or simply walk up yourself. You can go up to Mosebacke and from there find places with a perfect view of the city. Use google maps to find your way!

Skinnarviksberget – Another good place for a fantastic view.

Take advantage of the free parks – Stockholm has some beautiful parks worth a visit. Check out Rålambshovsparken, Gärdet, tantolunden or if you take the subway 10 minutes on the blue line, to Solna, you can find Ulriksdals Slott or Hagaparken.

Visit museums – Stockholm has a lot of interesting museums to offer, and they´re free!


Cut your drinking budget – Alcohol and be quite expensive, especially if you order mixed drinks. Stick to beer or cider and avoid buying alcohol at night clubs as it is usually very expensive. If you do want to have some more drinks, check out Systembolaget and buy your drinks there. It’s only open certain hours, so check it out first, and then you can drink at home before going out and save some money!

See the archipelago on the cheap – Tickets are 50 to 150 SEK ($8–23) depending on what island you visit. UseWaxholmsbolaget for the most affordable tickets. From October to March, tickets are half off.

Save money on accommodation – See if you can stay with friends, friends of friends or try out couch surfing. It will help your budget if you can save money on accommodation as it is usually pretty expensive. Another option is Interhostel, not the finest hostel in the world, but it is cheap, prices start from 149 SEK.


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