Exploring the lake of seven colors in Bacalar

I kept hearing people talking about Bacalar and saying such good things about it, that I figured I had to check it out for myself. I was heading down from Cancun to Belize anyway, and Bacalar is a perfect place to stop along the way. It such a beautiful little city located just by the lagoon. The city itself isn’t very big, but very cozy and doesn’t feel overly exploited by tourism!

Unfortunately, when I was there it was pouring rain, not to self; never underestimate the rain season… It was so much rain you could barely go outside, so I only stayed for a couple of nights before heading down to Chetumal and then on to Belize. But luckily I did get a couple of hours of nice weather, and the lagoon showed it’s beautiful colors!

I simply fell in love with Bacalar, and would love to come back! I met some great people there and just loved the atmosphere of the place! My last night I was hanging out at a local bar and met some really nice people playing music and drinking beer, so I joined them and ended up staying the night with them at their hostel, before heading out to Chetumal the next day. Bacalar is for sure a place I’d want to come back to, preferably when it’s not rain season!


Things to do in Bacalar

Enjoy Laguna de Bacalar

The main attraction in Bacalar the lagoon, you can’t really visit Bacalar and not see it, it’s such a beautiful sight and a lot of hotels and hostels offer amazing views. Spend a day swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, diving or take a boat out to enjoy it. The mix of freshwater and salt water that intensifies its color has earned it the nickname “lake of seven colors”.

See the San Felipe Fort

The monolithic structure overlooks the enormous Laguna de Bacalar, it houses government offices and a museum with exhibits on local history. The fort was built in the 17-th century and was constructed as a haven against pirates and bandits.

Visit Cenote Azul

Cenote Azul is a crystalline cenote that’s 300 feet deep and 600 feet across. There are plenty of cenotes all over Yucatan and they are a pretty cool place to visit!

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