A quick guide to Tulum

After a 3-hour bus ride from Cancun I had arrived at my next destination, Tulum.  I spent a few days there, exploring the area, centoes, the beach, and the ruins. I also needed to plan out where I was going next, having some destinations I wanted to visit on my way down to Belize, I just needed to figure out how to get there. Anyway, not it was all about exploring Tulum and the ruins.

The hostel I was staying at rented out bikes for free, perfect. I’d been walking around so much it was a nice change of pace. I Loved riding around Tulum on a bike and just exploring the area. Besides the weather was still shit, the sky would literally just open up from time to time and it will pour down. Not great when you have nowhere to take cover.

Anyway, Tulum was one of the last cities inhabited and built by the Maya and the ruins are located at the top of 12 meter long cliffs, it didn’t take very long to explore the site but it was a really cool experience.

Getting to Tulum

Tulum is quite easy to get to, if you’re in Cancun you can eather hire a private driver or take a shuttle down. Even if you’re not in Cancun odds are there will be shuttles going to Tulum, it’s really common with tourists and backpackers on the Mexico coast so there are many established companies offering a shuttle service!

You can also take a local ADO bus, this was how I got around most of the time in Mexico and even though it’s not a luxuary experience it works just fine and prices are very cheap!


Things to do

Mayan Clay Spa

Mayan Clay Spa is located on the jungle side of the road, you’ll be covered in Mayan mud and after an hour 90 minutes or two hours you can choose to wash off in the ocean or shower in the gardens.

Rent a bike

Tulum is a fantastic place to rent a bike and just explore on your own! A lot of hostels offer bike rentals for reasonable prices, or even for free!

Explore cenotes

There are tons of cenotes in Yucutan and you’ll find a couple of amazing ones in Tulum! The two main ones, Gran Cenote and Dos Ojos are great for snorkelling or just swimming around. You can rent a locker to out your belongings in and I would definitely recommend to snorkel, it just isn’t the same otherwise!



You don’t have to be in a cenote to snorkel, there are some great wildlife areas to explore just off the beach!

Scuba diving

I first experienced scuba diving in Indonesia and ever since I just want to do it as often as I can! Off the coast of Mexico are some great diving sites and some amazing sights to explore!


There are a lot of places offering yoga classes in Tulum, in a lot of hotels and around the beach area you’ll easily find it, and if you’re really interested, look in advance and see if there are any yoga retreats, as a lot of the hotels offer them!



Tulum Ruins

Probably the first thing people think of when thinking of Tulum. The ruins are an interesting place to visit, with a lot of fascinating history, and a not to be missed when in Tulum!


Playa del Carmen

Not too far from Tulum is Playa del Carmen, it’s quite similar to Cancun with its beautiful beaches, and if offers some great scuba diving locations and shopping malls. A great day trip if you want to get out of Tulum.


Another day trip not too far from Tulum. You can take public transportation here, or ask in the hotel if there are shuttles etc. Akumal is a popular tourist destination where you can literally walk into the water from shore and swim with giant sea turtles, eagle rays, and countless fish.

Sian Ka’an Reserve

Sian Ka’an Reserve is a 1.5 million acre protected Unesco World Heritage site. To really explore this site a tip is to try the 3 hr, naturalist-led kayak tour to spot tropical birds across the Caapechen Lagoon.

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