A quick guide to Phom Penh

Phom Penh is cheap, easy going and laid back! Locals are friendly and polite, and there are tons of things to do and discover! The traffic is slightly crazy, the streets are busy and it’s the city of contrast. The food in Cambodia is absolutely amazing and there are no shortages of options in the capital, not to mention it’s really cheap throughout the city. 


The most expensive accommodation will be found by the river. If you want cheaper accommodation, head towards the southern and central parts of the city. When it comes to hostels most will have dorm rooms for about 10 000 KHR per night, single and double private rooms can be found between 35 000 and 100 000 KHR per night.

If you’re looking for better establishments you can find budget hotels for approximately 50 000 KHR per night and also get air con and private bathroom.


Things to see and do

Choeung Ek and Toul Sleng – The infamous killing fields of the Khmer Rouge. Choeung Ek is a series of exhumed mass graves, the center of it filled with the skulls of hundreds of men, women and children. Toul Sleng is a former high school the Khmer Roughe turned into a torture center.

The National Museum – Holding thousands of artifacts and works of art from the more glorious periods of Cambodian history. Here you can find over 5,000 pieces on display, most of it from the Angkor period, and the building itself is absolutely stunning.

Independence Monument – A major city landmark and is lit up at night.

The Central Market –Built in 1937 it’s a fascinating market to wander through, although prices are much more expensive than other places so I would save my shopping for elsewhere, and watch out for pickpockets!

Phnom Chisor Temple – A bit of a drive outside the city, but it’s worth a visit both for the view and the ruins. Located on the top of a large hill, it requires a bit of a steep climb, so avoid visiting during the hottest hours of the day.

Wat Ounalom – Another temple, located on the Sisowath Quay and considered Phnom Penh’s most important wat. Today it still serves as the center of Cambodian Buddhist religion.

Some other great places to visit are: Royal Palace, The Silver Pagoda and The Russian Market.

Places to eat

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