A quick guide to Hanoi

The capital of Vietnam is a popular travel destination and for good reason. Hanoi is completely charming and full of life. The perfect stop if you’re heading out to Halong Bay or Sapa (or both) and a great destination for you Vietnam travel. There are plenty of museums, restaurants, markets and history to fill your days with. And it’s a great launching pad for day trips to Sapa or Halong Bay. I truly enjoyed my time in Hanoi, not only was the people the nicest ever and the streets full of life, but there was so much history and so much to do!

I found myself a guide for the day and he took me on his motor bike to all the great things to see in Hanoi, well, as many as I had time for anyway. I visited The Vietnam Women’s Museum, did some window shopping at Dong Xuan Market, tried to visit the Army Museum (but it was unfortunatley closed), and saw the


Places to visit and things to do

Hoan Kiem Lake – early in the morning you can watch people runnning, cycling, practicing tai chi, and In the center of the lake is the Tortoise Pagoda, a shrine to the famous giant turtles that live in the lake.

Quan Su Pagoda – It’s one of the most important temples in the country, the headquarters for Vietnam Central Buddhist Congregation,

See Huu Tiep Lake – Now more a pond than a lake, but in the middle of it is the B-52 bomber from the American War. It’s not the coolest or most impressive sight, but could still be worth a visit!


Dong Xuan Market – Located in the Old Quarters it’s the oldest market in Hanoi. The market is several floors filled with pretty much anything you could ever imagen. A lot of kock offs and probably the best place for low cost shopping in Hanoi!

Explore the old quarter – Walk around on the 2 000 year old streets, explore the shopping and the cheap eats!

Visit the The Vietnam Women’s Museum – A big problem with history is that women are often left out of it!The Vietnam Women’s Museum is all about women, showing their everyday life and their important role in the Vietnamese society.

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