A quick guide to Bath

Bath is a very cosy and cute little town just a couple of hours from London, and once you get there it’s like stepping inside a time warp back to Georgian time. The historic Roman spa dominates the city along with the Bath Abbey located right next to it, the Roman spa has an incredible history and has been kept and preserved really well – making it that much more interesting to visit.

Here’s a quick guide to Bath England to inspire a visit, or give you some tips if you already have one planned!

Day trip from London

Bath is very much doable as a day trip from the capital, it only takes a couple of hours to get there and even though it’s a very cosy place and a nights stay would be very nice, it’s perfectly ok to see the town in a day. There are plenty of day tours offering you a day’s visit, however, it’s very easy to navigate with the public transportation system so seeing it on your own is a good idea!

I actually took a day trip visiting Bath, Windsor Castle and Stonehenge with a tour company, and even though it was a very intense day, it was 100% worth it! The tour company was great and I got a lot out of my day, but unfortunately only had a couple of hours in Bath. Taking a combined tour is a great idea if you have limited time and want to see as much as possible, otherwise I would suggest to spend a whole day in Bath and simply enjoy the city.


Things to see and do

Royal Crescent

The Royal Crescent is one of the main attractions in Bath, it’s a very popular sight to see and the ‘postcard picture’ you might have seen when googling Bath. The Royal Crescent is a row of 30 terraced houses and was once used as holiday homes for the affluent and royals of England. Step into “No. 1 Ryal Crescent” and get a look at what life would have been like as a royal inside these Georgian period homes.


Roman Baths

You can’t really visit Bath and not visit the Roman Bath. This is Bath’s most popular paid attraction and a not-to-be-missed. It’s located in the city centre, just next to Bath Abbey.

Pulteney Bridge

Another free attraction to check out in Bath, the Pulteney Bridge is the most gorgeous bridge in Bath!

Forget the map when visiting Bath, it really isn’t possible to get lost here. Simply stroll around and enjoy the slow pace, and see if there’s anything exciting going on during your visit. Bath is home to the Jane Austen Festival among others, so do some googling or pop into the Tourism Office right next to the abbey and see what’s going on.


Bath Abbey

Speaking of Bath Abbey, it’s something else you shouldn’t miss in Bath. It would actually be quite difficult to miss it as it’s in the centre of town and really quite dominates it. It’s suggested to pay a donation upon entering the abbey, this however, is up to you.

The Circus

Free to visit and free to see, the circus is beautiful houses in a circular motion. Place yourself in the centre and spin yourself 360 why don’t you.


Eat ice cream from the Marshfield Farm

Recommended by the tour guide as some of the best ice cream in Bath – and he was right! Admittedly it was the only ice cream I ate in Bath, so I simply have to take his word for it. The Marshfield ice cream was however delicious and they had more alluring flavors to choose from than I could count, along with toppings and chocolate cones!

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