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A guide to Ubud, food edition!

Ubud is known as the cultural heart of Bali, and a must visit if you’re traveling around Bali. Not only can you find the sacred Monkey Forest here, but there are plenty of delicious restaurants to keep you busy! 

Ibu Oka, – Known for its suckling pig, I know, I know, but worth a try! There are three Ibu Oka warungs in Ubud, if you happen to visit the one closest to the Palace and Market, head upstairs for more traditional seating.

Melting Wok Warung, – A friendly and intimate atmosphere, amazing food and friendly staff, a perfect stop during your Ubud stay!

Café Wayan – A great atmosphere, beautiful garden and delicious Indonesian food!

Clear Kafe – A top choice if you’re looking for a vegetarian organic restaurant. The ground floor is quite posh and on the first floor you’ll find matrasses and comfortable chairs!

Mamma Mia, – The first place I’m going back to next time in Ubud! Still dream about the pizza from this place! Had such a great time here, the owner and the staff are really friendly and the pizza was amazing!

Bebek Bengil – If you’re in the mood to try the ‘dirty duck’ this is where you should go. A nice outlook and a big venue. 

Alchemy – Find a cozy outdoor area and a bright inside, and really good organic meals. At this place you’ll find a lot of people from alternative medicine, yoga and different spiritual workshop gathering over delicious meals.

Sate Arang – Sate is a traditional Indonesian food and this place serves it great! Traditional flavours and high quality food.

Murni’s Warung – Ubud’s first real restaurant! Opened in 1974 it still serves authentic food and gives you a breathtaking view overlooking the river. afterwards, take a stroll over the bridge crossing the Campuhan River.

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