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A BBQ dinner at Porky’s

It there’s something I love about London it’s all the amazing restaurant options, there are always new ones to discover and delicious food to be eaten. Last week I headed to Porky’s BBQ at their bankside location for dinner and drinks with a friend, we stayed at the restaurant for almost four hours just eating, drinking and talking, and when we finally decided to leave we left with a serious food coma!

Walking into the restaurant we were first faced with several beer pong tables all ready to go! A group of people were already occupying one of the tables, having a good time playing and drinking beer. For Β£20 you could get a table and beer, not a bad deal at all! A great idea if you’re going out with your friends and want a mix of delicious food, a homey feeling, and some fun drinking games to get the night started!


We started the dinner with some drinks, a beer for me and Michaela went for an ice tea, before digging into our main course. We both opted for the St. Louise Ribs, 2 x Porky’s famous dry rub king ribs served with coleslaw, beans, and pickles and ordered fries on the side.

The ribs were absolutely delicious, and even though I prefer getting ribs with baked potatoes or some more proper potato fries with it, it was a great meal! We were both incredibly full after our dinner, walking out of thereΒ with a serious food baby!


However, no meal is complete without some dessert. I ordered the American Dream dessert cocktail and Michaela went for the cheesecake, they were both really good, and if I’d had room to spare I would have ordered the brownie with ice cream, just because there really isn’t anything better.

Poky’s BBQ can be found at several locations around London, the Camden one was the first ever opened in 2013, and just a year later there were more to be found around London. Today you can find it in Camden, Shoreditch, Bankside, Crouch End, and Chelsea.

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