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6 Ways to travel the world and keep your day job

When looking around on the internet, reading travel blogs, or watching movies about people who decided to go their own way and see the world, most of the time it’s an “I quit my job to travel the world”-story. It’s about people who sold their possessions, said goodbye to their everyday life, and decided to hit the road. This is one way to see the world, but it’s not the only way. Here are some great tips for all of you out there who are dreaming about gaining more passport stamps and seeing the world – without having to quit your job!

Take advantage of your holidays

Kind of an obvious one you might say, but there are plenty of ways of getting as much out of your holiday as possible. A lot of people take their holidays at one time, taking however many days you have all at the same time during the summer, and saving some for

Christmas. This does sound great. But, instead of taking it all at once, break it up and use the weekends. Taking a few Friday’s and Monday’s off can get you several weekend trips, especially if you fit if with bank holidays!

Ask if you can work remotely

Maybe you don’t have to be in the office 100% of the time, if it’s possible for you to work from home, or from any destination, it can give you a lot more flexibility!

Get a job that requires you to travel

A lot of jobs require you to travel, see if you can get one of those. A business trip Thursday to Friday can easily turn into a long weekend!


Maximise your time abroad

Fly out late and take night flights so you don’t waste day time. By that I mean head to the airport straight after work and catch a late flight, so you don’t waste a day in the air! Then do the same coming home, fly out late and head straight to the office. You might be tired and struggling the through the day, but it’s worth it to have more time travelling!

Explore places near you

Travelling doesn’t mean the other side of the planet, it doesn’t mean being away for months and months and it doesn’t mean a complete culture change. While all of this is nice, it is still just as much travelling going to the country next to yours or being away for a couple of days. If you happen to live in europé, jackpot! There are so many amazing places to explore right around the corner, take a flight for a couple of hours, hop on a night train or a night bus and spend the weekend some place new.

Travel smarter, spend less

Just because a place is popular doesn’t automatically make it better. Explore places that aren’t as cliché and you might end up spending a lot less! There are so many amazing places to discover, see where it’s cheapest to fly to or cheap to be in, instead of where everyone else is going.

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