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20 Places to travel that aren’t cliché

So you want to travel the world while avoiding the touristy places and the clichés, I feel you. A lot of places are crawling with tourists and it almost feels just like home. However, there are plenty of places to visit that aren´t like that at all! Here are 20 places to travel that aren´t cliché!


A trip to Iceland is expensive but worth the investment. It’s such a different place and Reykjavik is gorgeous with its colorful rooftops, delicious cuisine, and exciting activities.


Lake Bled might just be the most beautiful lake you’ll see. Slovenia has so much to offer and still a bit of a secret gem in Europé, it’s not crowded with tourist yet but probably will be soon.


Hong Kong

Hong Kong will always have such a big place in my heart, it was my first big travel and it’ll always feel like home. There are so much do to in Hong Kong that no time really is enough, explore the culture, hang out at the beach, and make sure not to miss Big Buddha or The Peak!


Canada has so much to offer it’s hard to know where to start. The popular choices like Vancouver, Jasper or Rockies, and Banff are of course amazing to visit, but if you’re up for something a little different consider visiting the Yukon. It’s located Northwest and runs to the border to Alaska.



Of course, I have to throw Sweden in the mix. Stockholm might be on your radar, it’s such a beautiful city (at least during summer) and worth a visit no doubt, but there are plenty of amazing places to visit in Sweden. Head up north for some amazing landscape, or chase the northern light up in Abisko.


Rumania isn’t the most common place to visit but gives you an experience you won’t find elsewhere. Head to Transylvania and explore some of the most beautiful castles in Europé, Check out Peles Castle or Dracula’s Caste, I mean who wouldn’t want to see Dracula’s Castle right?



Would move to Mexico for the food alone, can’t get enough! I really really loved Mexico and can’t wait to go back. If heading to Mexico there are so many places to visit, Cancun is common for tourists, explore Isla Mujeres or go down on the coast towards Playa el Carmen, Tulum, and make sure to stop and enjoy the lagoon in Bacalar. San Cristobal the las Casas is a great choice and if you’re a foodie you won’t want to miss Oaxaca!


Explore the Atacama Desert and make sure to give yourself more than just a couple of days here as there’s so much to see and do. Or, if you’re up for a little more physical activity you might want to head to the “W” or “O” track in Torres del Paine. You’ll see stunning scenery, and while it’s a bit of a physical challenge it’ll give you breathtaking views.


Puerto Rico

Beautiful beaches, friendly locals, delicious food, and sunny skies, what more do you really need? Spend some time in San José, but also make sure to rent a car or find a way to explore more of the island! And don’t miss El Yunque national forest!


Cuba is becoming a more and more popular destination, and for good reason! Buildings and cars have been preserved over the years making it feel like stepping off a time machine, it’s such an authentic country and should definitely be on your to-visit list!



I have such fond memories of Vietnam, the people were so welcoming and lovely, the food was amazing, and the Halong Bay was a not-to-be-missed. There are so many great places to see in Vietnam, and I’m sorry I could only stay for a couple of days in the north. I’ll do doubt be back and explore much more of the country!


Ireland is such a beautiful country, rent a car and set off on a road trip and just enjoy the beautiful landscape!



Great Wall of China anyone? Not only does Beijing has some of the most impressive sights in the world, but the countryside should not be missed. If you can, venture outside  Beijing and explore more of China, it’s such an amazing country and should not be missed!


Not the cheapest country to visit, but a very beautiful one indeed! Head Southwest to Bergen, explore the Fjords, or spend a couple of days exploring Olso.



Spend a few days in Glasgow or Edinburgh, head up to Loch Ness and explore the highlands, eat delicious food, and simply enjoy Scotland. It’s such a beautiful place to visit and there’s so much to explore!

Trans-Siberian Railway through Russia

Is there any travel that would be more exotic than a train journey across Russia, ending in China, Mongolia or North Korea? There are plenty of different Tran-Siberian trains to pick from, and any one of them will make for a lifelong memory. Here’s a helpful article if you’re interested in booking.

Antigua Guatemala


Guatemala is one of my favorite countries, I can’t wait to go back and explore it even more. Make sure to spend some time by Lake Atitlan, visit Tikal (of course) and see Champey


Ever wanted to take on the most dangerous bike trail in the world? La Paz has the death road and even though it’s absolutely terrifying, it’s also an adrenaline kick like no other. It’s a great way to test your limits and truly do something unique!



Belize is one of the more expensive countries in Central America, it’s right between Mexico and Guatemala and it’s the perfect place for all scuba diving enthusiasts. Diving the blue hole is an experience to remember, but even if you’re not into scuba diving, Belize has beautiful beaches, interesting culture, delicious food, and some great Mayan sites to explore. And if you find yourself in San Ignacio, take a day trip over to Guatemala and explore Tikal.


Explore the culture in the North, see the Taj Mahal, or head south to experience Goa and Karela. India has so much to offer and should be on everyone’s bucket list. It’s such a unique country and definitely worth a visit!

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