19 countries to add to your bucket list


So you want to travel but not to all the touristy places? Here are 19 places to visit that are a tad more non-cliché, where you can exlore the culture, get to know the locals, and enjoy spending time in a new country without all the other tourist taking the exakt same picture for Instagram!


Ever felt like challenging yourself? Why not do it big and ride the death road in La Paz. It might just be one of the scariest things you’ll ever do, but it’s an adrenaline kick like no other!


Tokyo anyone? Japan is one of the most beautiful countries, maybe not the cheapest, but one worth the money. There’s no place like Tokyo, and the capital in itself is worth a visit, but the rest of Japan is not to be missed either.


Puerto Rico

I spent a week in Puerto Rico and could have easily spent a lot more time there. Old San Juan is the cosiest area in San Juan, and I would recommend renting a car and seeing more of the island. Make sure you don’t miss El Yunque National Forest!


Beautiful beaches, safari, friendly locals, and good food. What more do you need? There are plenty of countries I’d love to explore in Africa, and Kenya is definitely at the top of the list!


Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of my absolute favourite countries. It’s got so much to see and do that there really isn’t enough time in the world to do the country justice. Go hang out at the beach, shop at markets in Mong Kok or eat some delicious food! Make sure not to miss heading up to the Peak or seeing Big Buddha.


Maybe not the cheapest place to visit, but well worth the money. Iceland has such beautiful landscapes, colourful rooftops, and friendly locals. There’s so much to do and see here, and definitely a place worth visiting!



Spend some time in Glasgow and Edinburgh, explore the Scotland Highlands and make your way to Loch Ness for some breathtaking views.

And if you want a getaway where you’ll actually get away, then exploring Isle of Skye might be the perfect place for you. Scotland it such a beautiful country and has so much to offer, and it’s a perfect place to take a road trip.



Sweden has a lot to offer and is a great place to visit, especially in the summer. Almost everyone speaks English, making it easy for tourists, and even though it’s not the cheapest place, there are plenty of ways you can visit on a budget.

Stockholm is such a beautiful city, make sure to wander around the old town and spend some time walking along the water. Or head up north to chase the Northern Lights and enjoy the breathtaking landscape.


Just between Mexico and Guatemala you’ll find Belize, it’s one of the more expensive countries in Central America, but it’s worth it. Explore the scuba diving (and the blue hole!) at the Cayes, see old Mayan Ruins, or just relax at the beach.

There are tons to explore in Belize, and make sure not to miss the ATM Caves! It’s one of the coolest experiences I’ve had, and even though it’s a tad pricey (especially if you’re on a backpacking budget) it’s worth it!



Unfortunately, I didn’t have too much time here, only a few days in the north, but it was enough to make me fall in love with Vietnam. Halong Bay was just amazing, and next time I’ll make sure to experience Sapa, as well head down south and explore the rest of Vietnam.

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic has a lot to offer, from interesting history, to friendly locals, to beautiful beaches. I only spent a few days here, but would have loved to be able to discover more of the island! If you’re looking for a touristy all-inclusive hotel resort situation, head over to Punta Cana and check yourself if. If that’s not what you’re into, avoid it at all cost and explore the rest of the island instead!

Antigua Guatemala


One of my all-time favourite destinations, of course, you can’t really visit Guatemala and not see Tikal, and Champey is a good recommendation as well. Make sure to make your way to Lake Atitlan for some yoga, beautiful views, and all around relaxation.


Can’t say enough how much I’m dying to visit Norway. Even though it’s the country next to mine, I’ve never been able to make my way over. Something that needs to change asap! The country has so much to offer and such beautiful landscapes and cute villages I can wait to explore!



This amazing country needs to be at the top of your to-visit list, head down the coast from Cancun to Playa el Carmen and then enjoy the beaches at Tulum, and make sure not to miss stopping in Bacalar to enjoy the lake of seven colors. Head to San Cristobal de las Casas, and if you’re a foodie you won’t want to miss Oaxaca. If you can visit during Day of the Dead, you should! it’s a fantastic celebration and a really cool experience!

South Korea

I’m still bummed I never had time to visit South Korea and Seoul when I was in Asia. All I hear are great things about it and I can’t wait to see it for myself!



Indonesia is a very popular place to visit, and for good reason! It’s one of my favorite countries and I can’t wait to go back. There’s so much to explore that I’m not sure it’s even possible to see it all, but even if you only have time to discover Bali, or the Gili Islands, it’s worth it and it will be an amazing trip!


Finland, Norway, and Sweden all have some beautiful landscapes worth exploring! Head up to Lapland and see the northern lights, explore Helsinki, or go hiking and discover some of the most breathtaking views!



Who doesn’t have seeing the Great Wall of China on their bucket list? If you don’t, you should. It’s such a breathtaking view and one of the most amazing experiences.

Beijing has so much to offer, from The Forbidden City to the Temple of Heaven to the Summer Palace and even the Lama Temple. Not only does Beijing give you a great reason to visit China, but the rest of the country is definitely worth a visit as well!

New Zealand


New Zealand has always been at the top of my bucket list, however, it’s quite far away so not the easiest place to get to. But one day! If you have the opportunity to explore this fantastic place, take it!

What countries would you add to this bucket list?

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