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13 jobs for people who like to travel

Most people take some time to save up a lot of money before traveling the world, and admittedly that is a pretty good way to do it. I do feel like when you set out to travel, you should have some money tucked away for emergencies, or at least enough to buy yourself a ticket home if you absolutely needed to! However, not everyone is in a situation where saving a lot of money is an option, and if you can’t turn into a human coin detector and save enough to travel the world, it doesn’t mean your stuck in one place.

There are plenty of ways to see the world without having a giant bank account to back you up. It might not be as glamorous as travelling around and just laying by the beach or eating at fancy restaurants, but you’ll still get to see the world and get some amazing experiences. So, here are some jobs to consider if you want to work and still see the world!

Flight attendant – A pretty obvious one, but a good one none the less! The hours might be a bit crazy but the perks of travel are pretty great.

WWOOFWorld Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms might be the perfect thing for you if you like to travel and also like the idea of giving back.

Work Away – Work for accommodation, now you don’t get paid, but you also don’t have to pay for accommodation. Work Away is a website that pairs travellers with people who need a helping hand. Chose the country or city you’re going to and see if you find something that fits.

Work on a cruise ship – Not only do you get free meals and accommodation, but you get to see the world. The work might be hard and the hours a bit crazy depending on what type of ship you’re working on, but there are plenty to choose from so do some research and apply!


Work as an Au Pair – This is a very popular option. I have a couple of friends who’ve done this in the US and had different experiences, but overall have been very happy about it all. It can be a bit challenging living with a new family and technically working around the clock, but if you like kids and you want to live in a new country for a while, it might be the perfect fit!

Work as a tour guide – If your outgoing, friendly, like meeting new people and talking travel this might be your perfect job! Spending all day with travellers like yourself talking about something you’re passionate about doesn’t sound too bad. You don’t have to just show people around the city and talk about the history, consider joining a tourist company, lead zip lining tours or kayaking tours or anything really!

Work for an international hotel chain – Working abroad often starts by working at home, if you get a job at an international hotel chain, odds are you’ll be able to transfer later on.

Travel blogger – You might not become a millionaire and it does take hours and hours of work, don’t think it’s just selfies and food pics and you’re good to go. But if you can turn into a business, it’s a pretty great gig.

Teach yoga, dancing, skiing etc… – Do you have a hobby or something you’re really good at? Share it. See if you can work as a ski instructor during peak season, or teach yoga or hold cooking classes.


Teach English – A teaching degree is golden if you want to travel the world, especially if you happen to teach English or math or anything else quite universal. However, you don’t always need a degree to teach English in a foreign country, you might need a certificate but they’re not that hard to obtain. Teaching is rewarding and a fantastic way to see a new country!

Work at a hotel or hostel – Hotels and hostels need staff, and you probably get free accommodation and might even get meals depending on where you work. I’ve run into a lot of great people over the years who have been working at the hostels I’ve stayed at, in exchange for accommodation and been loving it.

Bartending – People drink pretty much all over the world, a lot of tourist areas are filled with bars and need people who speak English. Finding work in a bar isn’t the most difficult thing in the world and as long as you can stand the hours it can actually be pretty fun.

Freelance – Freelancing can be quite difficult, but being your own boss is also really worth it! If you’re good at web design, photography or anything really, try turning it into a buisness.

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