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101 things to do in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the most amazing places I’ve visited, I spent 5 months there back in 2014 and I still can’t say I’ve seen and done everything there is! There’s always new things to discover and new areas to explore, so to start you off, here are 101 things to do in Hong Kong.

1. Take the peak tram and head to the Victoria Peak.

2. Buy electronics at Wan Chai Computer Center.

3. Experience 180-degree theatre at Noah Ark in Ma Wan Park.

4. Visit Victoria Park.

5. Try a Hello Kitty Custard Bun.

6. Watch a variety of birds, mammals and reptiles at Hong Kong Zoo.

7. Buy beer from 7-eleven.

8. Eat Egg Waffles/Bubble Waffles.

9. See the Sunrise from The Peak.

10. Visit the bronze lions at the HSBC building on the HK island.


11. Light some incense sticks for luck at Man Mo Temple on the Hollywood Road.

12. Attend the theatre or live music at Fringe Club.

13. Spot different species of birds at the aviary in Hong Kong Park.

14. Sip traditional Cantonese tea at Lockcha Tea House.

15. At 7.30 AM watch the Flag hoisting ceremony at Golden Bauhinia Square.

16. Explore the Temple of 10 000 Buddhas.

17. Go Camping on the Beach.

18. Try an Egg Tart.

19. Watch a new Hong Kong movie at Broadway Cinematheque.


20. Make a visit to HK Times Square, a copy cat of NY Times Square.

21. Travel from Hong Kong to Kowloon on the Star Ferry.

22. Zoom at 77 km/h on the dragon roller coaster at Ocean Park.

23. Hit the water on a kayak at Stanley Main Beach Water Sports Center.

24. Gaze at the ocean from Stanley Market Promenade.

25. Watch the activities of Victoria Harbor on a TV at Maritime Museum.

26. Hike the small hill and visit the Stanley Ma Hang Park.

27. Watch the sun set from South Bay Beach.

28. Thrill yourself by paragliding at Shreak O village.

29. Go swimming at Repulse Bay which has the best beach in HK.


30. Go drinking at Lan Kwai Fong.

31. Place bets on horses at Happy Valley Race Course.

32. Pose with the statue of Bruce Lee on Avenue of Stars.

33. Get great views of Victoria Harbor from HK Cultural Center south platform.

34. Escape the planet at the dome shaped HK Space Museum.

35. Get a fantastic view of the Symphony of Lights from a junk boat.

36. See the story of Hong Kong at HK Museum of History.


37. Do the world’s highest Bungy jump in Macau.

38. Appreciate traditional and contemporary art at Museum of Art.

39. Eat ramen.

40. At 1 PM watch the dropping of Time Ball at 1881 Heritage.

41. Learn martial arts at Kung Fu Corner, Kowloon park.

42. Ride the Central to Mid-Levels escalator.

43. Walk into the old Chungking Mansion and seek out desi food.

44. Eat at Jumbo Floating Restaurant.


45. Check out Chinese handicrafts at Chinese Arts & Crafts emporium.

46. Go swimming at Shek-O beach.

47. Explore Temple Street Night Market.

48. Walk to the flower market in Yuen Po Street.

49. Sing karaoke.

50. Pick up some fakes of branded clothes at Tung Choi Street Market.

51. Purchase jades in the Jade Market.

52. Catch a Chinese Opera at the Sunbeam Theater in North Point.

53. Explore the pavilions and ponds within Kowloon Walled City Park.

54. Go to a concert.

55. Watch while the soldiers are firing canons from Noon Day Gun.


56. Take a stroll at the beautiful Nan Lian Garden.

57. Participate in a prayer session at Chi Lin Nunnery.

58. Get your caricature done by a street artist at Temple Street Night Market.

59. Take a cooking class.

60. Fly the flight simulator in Mega Box mall.

61. Watch the birds on binoculars at HK Wetland Park.

62. Buy souvenirs at the local shops in Western Market in Shueng Wan.

63. Stop at The Landmark Mall for shopping luxury brands.

64. Windsurf near Sai Kung Harbor.

65. Learn ice skating at the rink in the Festival Walk mall.


66. Enjoy the perfect day at the Clearwater Bay First Beach.

67. Fly kites at Clearwater Bay Country Park.

68. Experience history at the HK Heritage Museum.

69. Check out a Chinese festival.

70. Hike the MacLehose Trail.

71. Get a bird’s eye view from Ngong Ping 360.

72. Get a picture with Big Buddha.

73. Retreat yourself at Po Lin Monastery.

74. Climb the 260 steps to reach Tian Tan Buddha.

75. Watch the fireworks show at Disneyland.

76. Try a Hong Kong Style Milk Tea.

77. Wander the local villages in Mui Wo.

78. Bicycle at Pui O.

79. Eat a curry at Chungking Mansions.


80. Head out on a dolphin watching trip on waters of Lantau.

81. Take a river boat trip at Tai O.

82. Buy dry fish or seafood at Tai O fishing village market.

83. Take the subawy to China and explore Shenzhen.

84. Charter a boat to Central from Yung Shue Wan.

85. Eat food cooked by the monks at Po Lin Monastery.

86. Hike Lions Rock.

87. Take a ferry to Macau.

88. Eat Dim Sum.

89. Go swimming at the infinity pool on Lantau Island.


90. Ride on the top deck of a bus to Shek O village.

91. Explore designer brands at Canton Road.

92. Take part in Art Jamming at Wellington Street in Central.

93. Play with dolphins at the pool in Ocean Park.

94. Take pictures at Madame Tussauds Museum.

95. Buy antiques at the Cat Street.

96. Walk 2 km from Peak Road to the Pok Fu Lam Reservoir.

97. Attend the organ concert at St John’s Cathedral on Wednesday.

98. Get 360 view of HK’s skyline from sky 100.

99. Go shopping at Ladies Market.

100. Learn Feng Shui or Tai Chi or both.

101. Get a drink at Ozone Bar.

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