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10 Practical tips for solo female travellers

Travelling solo is amazing, but a lot of the time gets some sceptical looks. You’re really gonna travel all by yourself? Yes, I am. I’d rather travel solo than not travel at all, and sometimes you just don’t have anyone willing or capable of going where you wanna go, or travel as often as you want to, and sometimes I really just love going all by myself.  However, travelling solo isn’t always the easiest thing, so here are 10 practical tips to make it a little bit easier.

1. Bring a book

Easy right? Bringing a book is the best way to keep yourself occupied, waiting on trains, during long layovers, when eating out by yourself, etc, a book is a great tool. You don’t always want (or should) sit with your phone or computer, maybe there’s no wi-fi, or you’re going to run out of batteries, go back to basics instead.

2. Confidence is Key

Stop looking scared and confused and simply remain assertive. It will all be ok in the end, it’s just part of the journey. But looking lost and scared is never a good idea, it attracts more bad than good. Remain confident and it will all work out!

3. Join the community

There are plenty of amazing girls all over travelling by themselves! Plenty more than you might thing. Travelling solo is becoming more and more common, and the solo female traveller community is fully open. There are plenty of great groups on FB filled with adventurous women ready to give you great advice on everything your wondering about. Check out Girls VS Globe, Girls love travel, or Travellettes to name a few.


4. Act like a local

Act, dress, think like a local. Embrace the culture you’re in and do your best to blend in. If you want to avoid being a tourist target, do some people watching and follow suit. Leave the fashion show for some other time and try not to wear things that would attract negative attention.

5. Have a plan B (and C and D)

No one has been hurt by having a backup plan or two. If plan A is not working out as you’d expected, go with plan B. It’s not always how you’d imagined it, and there’s nothing wrong with changing your mind or doing something differently. Go with your gut and put safety first.

6. Be home before nightfall

Wandering the streets all by yourself after dark is not the best idea when travelling solo. Leave the crazy party nights for when you get home. There’s plenty to do and see during the day, you don’t need to wander around during night time.

7. Keep in touch

Sometimes it does get lonely travelling all by your lonesome, and it’s not the end of the world. Keep in touch with friends and family, call them when you’re homesick, but then go out and enjoy where you are. It’s ok to feel homesick but don’t forget all your gaining from your travel. It’s worth it.


8. Keep your shit together

A pretty obvious one maybe, but really do keep your things and yourself in order. It’s not the time to get wasted or not keep track of your things. Make sure to keep an eye on your surroundings and avoid unsafe areas.

I never really go out and party when I travel alone, and I do sometimes get the that’s so boring reaction, but I don’t see the point in going to a club and getting wasted all by myself? Nothing good would come of it. If you find some new friends on the road – go for it, just keep your brain with you. Keep a close eye on your

Keep a close eye on your luggage, don’t leave valuables just laying around, and make sure not to lose your passport. Simply keep your shit together on the road.

9. Make sure you’re reachable

It’s just as important for people back home to be able to reach you, as it is for you to reach them. Make sure to leave a trail behind you so people know where you are and where you’re going next. Check-in when you get to locations, upload on social media, and make sure to keep in touch. Give your apple password to someone back home and turn on track my iPhone so people can find you is always a good idea!

10. Embrace the adventure

Embrace all the madness, the scary, the good, the crazy, the breathtaking, the confusing, and the annoying. It’s all part of the experience. It will get frustrating and feel a bit mad at times, but it’s all just part of it, simply take a deep breath and enjoy the experience.

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