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10 delicious recipes from around the world

Getting an excuse to eat, and eat, and eat some more, is never a bad thing. And being on vacation, or travelling in any way, is always the best excuse. Why not treat yourself to a delicious meal? Of course, we should get dessert! There are so many overly delicious things to eat all around the world, it would be a full-time job (with a lot of overtime) to try them all. But here are 10 sweet, savoury, and delicious recipes, making for a good start on your eat-your-way-around-the-world tour!


Mini California Sushi Cones

Sushi, sushi, sushi, sushi! Who doesn’t love sushi? Could eat it everyday all day. The perfect sushi rice, creamy avocado, fresh crab, and kewpie mayo, and pretty much any delicious ingredient you want in your cone, can be in your cone. A perfect treat for your friends or something fun to make together!

Find the recipe here: Mini California Sushi Cones


Vegetarian Pho (Vietnamese Noodle Soup)

I absolutely love Vietnamese food, I can honestly say I spend most of my time in Vietnam just eating, and I would 100% do it again! Vegetarian Pho is absolutely delicious and if I could learn how to do it at home, I would be one happy cookie. Mission starting: now!

Find the recipe here: Vegetarian Pho


Summer Vegetable Couscous Salad

Salad, vegetable, couscous, and summer, not one of those are anything but good. And mixed together they are even better! This fresh and summery salad is made with crunchy cucumbers, sweet tomatoes, shaved red onion, and yellow bell pepper… and a lot of feta!

Find the recipe here: Summer vegetable couscous salad


German Chocolate Cake Ice Cream

There’s really not much I love more than chocolate, but ice cream makes a close second, so this German chocolate cake ice cream is pretty much a dream come true. This is definitely what I’ll be using my ice cream machine for in the upcoming weeks!

Find the recipe here: German Chocolate Cake Ice Cream


Banana pancakes with pomegranate jam

I think we can all agree that Green Kitchen Stories are pretty badass when it comes to food and cooking. Their gluten-free healthy banana pancakes with coconut and jam, are just like all their other recipes: delicious! Try it, just try it now.

Find the recipe here: Banana Pancakes with Pomegranate Jam


Authentic Spaghetti alla Carbonara

On a list like this, it would almost be a crime to leave out pasta and Italy. Italy is (at least for me) pretty much associated with delicious food and eating, it’s a reason alone to visit! Simply spend your days eating pizza, pasta, and gelato, and I’d never want to go home. However, if you can’t make your way to the country of deliciousness, this spaghetti carbonara recipe will bring you pretty close!

Find the recipe here: Authentic Spaghetti Alla Carbonara


Frozen Strawberry Margaritas

Ok, so maybe it’s not the peak of summer, but you can always find an excuse for making some frozen strawberry margaritas! Get your girlfriends over, and enjoy some fresh drinks! And the best part, they are ready in only 10 minutes!

Find the recipe here: Frozen Strawberry Margaritas


Endless Summer Sangria

Ok again, we are slightly past summer. But still, there’s every reason to hold on to that list but of summer feeling! Besides, sangria goes perfectly in the fall, winter, and spring as well! Perfect for tapas, always delicious, and looks pretty on your Instagram pictures. Win, win, and win!

Find the recipe here: Endless Summer Sangria


Pan-seared duck with spinach in sesame

Let me introduce you to chef Shuko Oda’s recipe for kamo ro-su with spinach goma-ae – brained duck breast with delicious soy and sesame spinach. I do like some delicious duck, peaking duck anyone? Pretty much the best thing ever. But this come pretty close! It’s (at least according to people who know how to cook) a simple dish, and you can use any vegetables you want!

Find the recipe here: Pan-seared duck with spinach in sesame


Marking’s Bibingka

This gluten-free, sweet, chewy Filipino dessert made with rice flour and coconut sounds pretty good, right? Bibingka is a traditional dessert tweaked and improved by Marking until perfect. It has a rich, buttery, coconut flavor with the addictive textural combination of a crackly crust and eggy, chewy center, doesn’t sound too bad at all!

Find the recipe here: Marking’s Bibingka

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